One of our main sources of life is slowly becoming the main source of our downfall. How food is produced, distributed, managed, and turned to waste is a huge contributor to our planet’s destruction. This is why fishermen from around the globe have come together for a good cause. The fishermen have jumped off their chairs and donated trolling motors to raise money for endangered wildlife.

Land and water, the main habitats of our wildlife, are being tarnished and turned into industrial or agricultural areas just to keep up with heavy food demand. Now, at an astonishing 7.7 billion people, more natural resources are used just for human consumption.

In the following years to come, the demand will greatly double, thus immensely depleting the world’s natural resources. What’s also unfortunate is that billion tons of food is being wasted each year yet there are still people who suffer in famine.

By the year 2050, the demand for food is expected to double. This poses a serious threat to the remaining land and water resources that are not in use. However, we don’t need to double our resource usage. What we need to increase is the availability of food instead.

It is possible that we can still provide food for every person with the same amount of food currently being produced. This can be attained by developing an efficient way to maximize food delivery to every area as well as reducing food waste as much as possible. Our lifestyle eating patterns can be shifted as well to avoid overbuying or hoarding unnecessary amounts of food. That is why sustainable eating or living, in general, is necessary for reducing the climate predicament we’re in.

Our mission is to reduce food or water waste and to refine production. These will greatly aid in creating a positive impact on our planet. We should aim to develop and improve the consumption of natural resources. The organization seeks to combat harsh environmental impacts while securing a healthy and livable planet in the future.

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