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Every Step Counts!

Welcome to Behdad Esfahbod's CN Tower Climb Page

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4/18/2008agha movafagh bashi! movazeb bash ba savabe mano ham kharab nakoni!Amir
4/18/2008ba dasti tohi va roohi khamoosh to ra be jange pelle ha mifrestam,Hossein
4/18/2008گود لاکElnaz
4/18/2008Don't forget to count the steps. They might have given you the wrong number. ;-)Elnaz
4/18/2008NABEGHEYE IRANI Hagh negah daretFarhang
4/18/2008Dr. ye doone Kaleh zarde ba iman ham nayoomade donate kone! Ajnabi nafte mamlekato moft dare mibare, vali hazer nist yegheroon baraye komak be estedadhaye javane in mamlekat komak kone, tof be in roozegar. TAKBIR. man az tarafe kodamo shaunna dadam.Farhang
4/17/2008btw, how many stairs are there? ;)Hamid
4/17/2008Eureka! I diagnosed your disease: VoolVoolaK!!! But seriously, GOOD LUCK and >:D<!Nargol
4/17/2008agha i want a proof that u actually climb the stairs! vagarna halalet nemikonam :D goodluck ;)Arvand
4/17/2008oops! just read it on your blog. the Team Gnome one :Dpooya
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