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Updated: September 16, 2014

Thank You
Graeme Loader was an amazing man full of hope and kindness, and has been an inspiration to us all. His journey ended too soon, but his friends, family and even strangers who were touched by his spirit have continued on in his name. Graeme is no longer with us but he will never be forgotten. He is continuing to inspire Canadians and is still making a significant contribution to conserving the earth that he loved so much. Thank you Graeme and congratulations on doubling your goal.

Updated: September 2, 2014

Tragic News
WWF-Canada is incredibly saddened by the loss of this energetic, talented, and wonderful young man.

Graeme Loader, a 24-year-old WWF supporter started his dream journey in the middle of July 2014. Graeme was cycling across Canada, exploring our amazing country, enjoying its nature, from BC headed east, home to the Toronto area. As a professional photographer, Graeme was taking amazing photographs and sharing them through his blog. He was also graciously raising money for WWF-Canada.

Tragically, ‎Graeme was struck by a car and killed yesterday (Monday, September 1, 2014) while riding outside Brandon, Manitoba.

Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go to Graeme’s parents, brothers, sister and all of the extended Loader family.

David Miller
President and CEO

Hi everyone!

My name is Graeme Loader, I'm 24 years old and about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life, so far. My mission is to travel across Canada via bicycle from Vancouver to St.Johns over the course of 2 to 3 months (flying out on July 15th). While planning this trip I realized there was a great opportunity to raise money for charity, so I've decided to ride for what I am most passionate about, the Earth. While I am travelling I will be blogging and updating photos on I hope you can all join me on this journey and help raise money for one of the greatest organizations on earth.

To donate, click on the SPONSOR link at the top of the page.
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Where does your money go?

I am organizing a special event to support WWF-Canada. While I am doing my part, I am counting on you to help me reach my fundraising goal.

As the global conservation organization, WWF works to conserve species at risk, protect threatened habitats and address global threats. Using the best available scientific knowledge, we work to preserve the diversity and abundance of life in Canada and around the world. We find long-term solutions that benefit both people and nature.

The money I raise with the help of your generous support will make a huge difference to WWF’s conservation work across Canada and around the globe.

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10/4/2015As I read through the comments once again Graeme, your spirit lives & continues to be with us......You continue to touch so many. We recently had the first Annual "Graeme's Cycle/Walk for Wildlife". We arranged the event quickly this year & the weather was cold & rainy. This did not dampen the spirits of the 160 people who graciously thanked you, and paid tribute to you. Thank you to everyone who came out on September 13th. God bless you all. God Bless you Graeme.David Loader
6/9/2015Graeme it is amazing what a young man can do in his lifetime. I think of people like the beatles and jim morrison from the doors who seemed to live 2 lifetimes in less than 30 years. And now i think of you. I am doing the Muskoka Ironman in your name on August 29th and your picture will be on my shirt. but more importantly your spirit is in my heart. many cold morning i did not want to get up but i did because of you. My kids are 12 and 9 Graeme , they never met you, but they know everything about you. And i will continue to support your cause for many years to come. Your touching more people now than Bill Cosby ever could. Had to end on a funny. You Little Bugger. ha ha.Chris MacLean Chiropractor / Saracen / Dad
3/1/2015We are so happy to have one of Graeme's beautiful photos, the Canada Goose that we shall treasure forever! So pleased that the Jam for Graeme was a success.....Great jobs you guys! We miss you Graeme your legacy and spirit will live on through your art. You shall come alive every time anyone looks at your stunning photography which will live on past all of us! Gary and GiannaGary and Gianna
2/27/2015My family and I would like to personally thank everyone who helped set up this event. Every person involved put in so much personal time and effort to make this event a massive success. Thank you for making the Jam for Graeme a successful and special occasion. And of course, we cannot forget to thank everyone who attended and donated. Thank you David, Dale, Gary and Duncan for your very generous donations in purchasing Graeme's beautiful framed photos. We know that Graeme holds a dear place in all of our hearts and this event just demonstrated how loved and cherished he really was. Thank you all for everything! Love, love, love, The Loader's, The Waters', and the Skopec's.Rachael Loader
10/17/2014That Graeme was so loved and had so much impact comes as no surprise, even though I did not know Greame all that well. The last time I saw Graeme he was a little 8 year old, running around on the sidelines with so much energy and a certain amount of endearing mischief. But I know his dad, Paul. Even though it has been a while since we played together, Paul's image for me has always been one of someone uncompromising in terms of living his values, whether on the pitch, within the club, or, through stories shared over a beer or more, in business and at home. Knowing Paul, that Graeme turned out the way he did is par for the course. And knowing Paul, I can't imagine anyone less deserving of having this happen to them. Having sons of my own hits home hard. Paul, my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you and your family as all of you navigate through this unimaginable voyage of grief.Peter Hadas
10/6/2014Thank you Sandra .. I have donated your $60. Thank youPaul Loader
10/2/2014I didn't know Graeme and I didn't know of Graeme until I saw the tragic story on the front page of the Brandon Sun. Although I didn't know him, I think of him every day when I drive by his "bike tire" memorial that is set up just west of Brandon. By the sounds of other posts on here and by his Facebook page, I know I would've liked him. My thoughts and deepest condolences are with the Loader family and with Graeme's friends. Rachael--your post brought me to tears. I am so sorry that you lost your brother and so very sad that this happened to him. Kerri Arvisais
9/25/2014I miss you every day. You're my first thought when I wake up and my last thought before I sleep. Aside from missing your beautiful physical presence, I am going to miss most of all, the little things. I am going to miss you coming into my room showing me multiple outfits because for some reason, you trusted my opinion about how you looked. I loved that. I'm going to miss waking you in the morning with coffee and jumping on you while you're sleeping. I'm going to miss sharing a bottle of wine with you, and by sharing I mean you stealing it from me. I'm going to miss our late night chats when I would stay up late because I couldn't sleep or something was on my mind. I'm going to miss buying you clothes for your birthday, Christmas, or just because I felt like it. I miss seeing you in the kitchen making some crazy dish that you were so excited to try. I cherish the days when you didn't have a car, and we shared mine. I cherish the conversations we would have on the way to school or after I picked you up from work. I'm going to miss you on every special occasions and every holiday. I can't stress how badly I don't want to live without you. It truly feels impossible. But I love you so much, and I'm so proud of everything you achieved. I vow to live life like you did and to try to be more like you. I am like you, you are a part of me and you always will be. I miss you, that is all. Love, your sister. "I am where I am because I am"Rachael Loader
9/19/2014I think the last time I saw Graeme was when you were about 7 years old. I see from the pictures and comments on the internet that you grew up to be a successful and special adult. RIP.Leslie Thomas
9/14/2014Graeme From sweet child to beautiful man. You were and always will be a special and unique person who cared about others and the world around you. Truly a man who made a difference. God Bless.Owen & Lisa Santilly
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