Climate change has caused our world’s resources to drastically deteriorate. Forests are being diminished each day through either wild or man-made fires; glaciers are melting, causing arctic animals to lose their habitats; ocean levels are rising as well as their acidity; our fresh water supplies are depleted, and our agricultural products are lowered immensely. This has brought the golfing community together for a fundraiser. They will be classes for midrange players as well as prizes such as rangefinders and balls.

This is all because of a climate that has been getting warmer each day. The world’s protective ozone layer has been reduced, allowing the entry of more harmful sun rays. Also, forests have been severely diminished, and without them, dangerous greenhouse gases can circulate freely into our atmospheres. Simply by the rising temperature, our world has been negatively impacted. As living beings who depend on the state of our planet, we have to adapt to the changes as well.

As such, we plan to lessen the expansion this threat brings by fostering a better future for the world and the beings who live in it. As individuals, we could also divert to a more sustainable lifestyle. Rethink ways that would not negatively impact our world. Help conserve our natural energy sources, save our water supplies, and protect our forests.

Each individual decision can only be either negative or positive in regards to how it will affect our planet. And a better, resilient future can only be attained if each individual would choose to make a positive choice for our world. Through our combined efforts, we are making that better future a possibility.

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