As the world’s most invaluable and precious resource, sources of water should be protected from depletion. Water is vital to all life. It keeps living beings alive; needless to say, it is necessary for everyday use. From the production of food and materials to the air we breathe, water is needed to sustain us and every other living being.

Not only that; freshwater habitats are home to wildlife as well. These include streams, lakes, rivers, and underground water sources. These bodies of water store the water that is vital in sustaining our lives as well as other animals.

Approximately 50% of fish species known to man and over 10% of all known animals live in these bodies of freshwater.

Even though all living beings depend on water, it is sadly a finite resource. There is less than a percent of the world’s water source that can be considered fresh. Unfortunately, with the impending climate change, our water sources are being threatened. Population growth and shifting consumption patterns seem to add to the growing list of factors that will heavily deplete fresh water sources as well.

Since many freshwater habitats are in terrible conditions, species housed by bodies of freshwater are declining rapidly at a rate of 76%. Human beings have been very careless with the world’s limited source of fresh water. In just over a century, we lost bodies of wetlands and the wildlife that lives on these.

Now, it is our duty to preserve and protect the remaining freshwater sources. Freshwater needs for people and wildlife can be properly met if it is managed responsibly.

We at World Wildlife Foundation is coordinating with communities, businesses, and governments to help preserve freshwater systems that will result in a resilient future for everyone. With our combined efforts, we can protect these bodies of water effectively and prevent the loss of resources and wildlife species.

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