Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Every species driven into extinction is a heavy loss for our world. The world has seen a whopping 60% decline in the populations of animals within a span of only 40 years. The sad part is that we have been a major contributor in driving these species away from the face of our planet.

World Wildlife Foundation’s sole mission is to maintain the lives of our wildlife. Ever since our establishment, we have been in the works to keep the population of these splendid creatures in existence. Our members have been heavily involved with the sciences and even the local communities just to protect and preserve these animals.

Last year, the last surviving male northern white rhinoceros has died even before he had the chance to have an offspring with the remaining females of his kind, thus preventing the lineage of his species from continuing. The cause of the eradication of their species has been mainly due to excessive poaching.

And this year, the iconic Spix Macaw has been recently declared extinct as well due to illegal trade and deforestation. If humans continue these acts, these animals will cease to exist, leading to an unbalanced ecosystem in the making.

Our organization’s aim to conserve and protect these species to best of our abilities has always remained paramount. But through our combined efforts, we bear witness to the good that’s happening as well. Locals have been more involved with the protection of their area’s wildlife.

Recovery of species has been in the works as well. Lawmakers are implementing bills that would ensure the survival of species native to their homeland. Conservations help in propagating animal populations which are in the verge of extinction.

As much as possible, we should never let another species go extinct anymore. We must NEVER fail to save our planet and the ones living in it.

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