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The threats to spirit bears

  • Habitat destruction.The heart of the spirit bear’s rainforest home is currently protected. But much of the sensitive marine and freshwater ecosystems for salmon, the primary food source for the spirit bear, is not.
  • Oil spills. A potential oil spill from the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project could spell disaster for the spirit bear.
  • Increased industrial activity. New pipelines and other large scale development projects would bring hundreds of millions of barrels of oil and gas and hundreds of supertankers to the region every year.

How you're helping spirit bears

  • Nature and economy. Securing a sustainable future for the Great Bear Sea by employing smart ocean planning that blends marine and coastal habitat conservation with sustainable economic development.
  • Policy and advocacy. Promoting laws and policies, like the BC Water Sustainability Act, in order to help maintain the health of rivers vital to the region's survival by keeping enough water in the river to support aquatic ecosystems.
  • Planning for resilience. Providing tools, through our work assessing the cumulative impact of human activities, to improve management decisions and limit impacts on key species like salmon.
  • Speaking out against the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline Project in partnership with Coastal First Nations.

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